Chotoku Coup (長徳の変)

The Chotoku Coup, occurred after FUJIWARA no Michinaga received Nairan no senji (an imperial edict to appoint a person to the position of Nairan, who has a right to read and deal with documents before reporting to the Emperor from Daijokan, the Great Council of State), after the death of FUJIWARA no Michitaka on May 17, 995. It resulted in the ejection of the Nakanokanpaku family from the Michitaka clan.

On February 12, 996, FUJIWARA no Takaie caused an incident in which he shot an arrow at the Emperor Kazan and was relegated to the position of Izumo gon no kami (provisional governor of Izu Province)
At that time, FUJIWARA no Korechika was accused of secretly conducting a magic ritual called Daigensuiho that was under a ban without a royal command, and was relegated to the position of Dazai gon no sochi (provisional governor-general of the Dazai-fu [local government office in Kyushu region]). Both of the cases were exile in a practical sense. It also forced FUJIWARA no Teishi, the second consort of the Emperor Ichijo, to enter into priesthood.

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