Datsua Nyuo (Leave Asia, enter Europe) (脱亜入欧)

Datsua Nyuo (Leave Asia, enter Europe) is a Japanese slogan or thought that 'Japan should get out of Asia which belongs to the Third World, and catch up with European powers.'

At the end of the 19th century, when the allied western powers were fighting colonial wars one another, the Japanese government carried out a new policy based on this thought with a slogan 'Fukoku kyohei' (fortifying the country, strengthening the military). There is a theory that this policy led Japan to invasions of courtiers in the Asian Continent such as Korea and China.

The famous concrete examples of 'Leave Asia, enter Europe' were the history of Japanese fashion, the decree banning the wearing of swords and Rokumeikan (a hall used for the accommodation of guests of the government) built in the 1880s.

Datsuaron' (a editorial for urging to leave Asia) is thought to be written by Yukichi FUKUZAWA, and it is said that FUKUZAWA wrote this editorial based on the thought of 'Leave Asia, enter Europe.'
Many people still misunderstand, but Yukichi FUKUZAWA never used the expression 'Enter Europe' in all his literally works and editorials of Jijishinpo (Japanese newspaper).

On the other hand, paradoxically, there is a widely-accepted theory that Pan-Asianism (a movement that Asian nations unite and solidify and create a continental identity to defeat the designs of the Western nations to perpetuate hegemony) led Japan to the invasions of China and Korea.

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