Diminishing the Territory (減封)

Diminishing the territory was a type of punishment imposed on samurai including daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) and hatamoto (direct vassal of the shogun) during the Edo period, that deprived samurai of their ranks, and partially diminished their territories, castles, and residences. Also, there were measures to divide their territories to succeed ("bunpo"), and to confiscate their territories ("kaieki"). A description of the punishment of diminishing territory during the Edo Period follows.

Kaieki Sanction Imposed on Daimyo Families during the Edo Period

Main Reasons for Diminishing Territory

Depriving and Diminishing Territories of Daimyo Defeated in the Battle of Sekigahara

West Squad in the Battle of Sekigahara

Remaining neutral during the Battle of Sekigahara

Daimyo Whose Territories Were Diminished or Divided during the Edo Period
Listed in chronological order:


The cases where a family was permitted to exist after kaieki sanction are included in the list as cases of diminishing territory.

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