Dokoshi (土工司)

Dokoshi (Public Works Office) was one of the institutions belonging to Kunaisho (Ministry of the Sovereign's Household) in the Ritsuryo system (a system of centralized government based on the ritsuryo code).

Official duties

Dokoshi produced building materials (caustic lime, tile and so on) in particular for building operations of Mokuryo (Bureau of Carpentry). For this reason, nuribe and nuriko (plasterer) of government official system during the Ritsuryo system period belonged to Dokoshi and produced them. It was incorporated into Mokuryo, but the time is unknown. In the Engishiki (an ancient book for codes and procedures on national rites and prayers), Mokuryo already had an official duty of dokoshi and thus the time is estimated to have been before that.


Kami (director) (corresponding to Shorokuinoge [Senior Sixth Rank, Lower Grade]) one member. Jo (secretary) (corresponding to Shohachiinojo [Senior Eighth Rank, Upper Grade]) one member. Reishi (corresponding to Daihatsuinoge [Greater Initial Rank, Lower Grade]) one member.

Shibu (low rank bureaucrats)
Jikicho (factotum)


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