Eiroku (永禄)

Eiroku is one of the eras of Japan. It is after Koji (Japan) and before Genki. It points to the period from 1558 to 1569. The Emperor of Japan at the time was Emperor Ogimachi. The Muromachi Bakufu Shogun were Yoshiteru ASHIKAGA, Yoshihide ASHIKAGA, and Yoshiaki ASHIKAGA.

Changing the name of an era

The name of the era was changed in March 18, 1558 due to the ascension of Emperor Ogimachi
In May 27, 1570 the name of the era was changed to Genki.


From '保世持家、永全福禄者也' in "Gunshi-Chiyo."

Events during the Eiroku period

June 12, 1560: The battle of Okehazama occurred. 1562: The Kokujins of Hoki no kuni such as the Nanjo and Yukimatsu clans, recovered their previous lands thanks to the support of the Mori clan. 1563: The Shugo group of Inaba-no-kuni lead by Toyokazu YAMANA lose to the military strength of Takanobu TAKEDA at the Battle of Yutokoroguchi. August 3, 1567: The birth of Masamune DATE.

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