Eizo Kyoto Film Company (映像京都)

The Eizo Kyoto Film Company is a film and television production company. The representative director is Yoshinobu NISHIOKA.

The Daiei film company went bankrupt in 1971, and in order not to suspend the production of the TV drama 'Kogarashi Monjiro' which had just started filming, the company, proposed by Kon ICHIKAWA, was founded in 1972 mainly by actors and production/art/tecnical staff members who then belonged to Daiei Kyoto Studios. Kenji MISUMI, Kazuo IKEHIRO and others were involved in the company.

Now, they rent an office on the premises of the Shochiku Kyoto Eiga Co., Ltd. and have about 60 staff members including directors and producers on the basis of contract for each production.

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