Enchishi (園池司)

Enchishi (Gardens and Ponds Office) was one of the institutions belonging to Kunaisho (Ministry of the Sovereign's Household) in the Ritsuryo system (a system of centralized government based on the ritsuryo code).

Official duties

Enchishi administered rikyu (an imperial villa) and gardens, and produced vegetables as kugo (emperor's meal). "Enchi" was one form of the land described in Denryo (the law about providing rice fields), which was one of ryo (administrative code), and Enchishi is considered to have produced vegetables and fruits. The situation is not clear, but Enchishi controlled such a enchi, too. To upkeep rare animals seems to have been one of its official duties. There was Kaenshi, who was a similar government official, but it was set up only for a short time and considering the name, the duty was considered to have been specialized in the management of gardens. It was incorporated into Naizenshi (Imperial Table Office) in 896. It suggests that they probably grew mainly vegetables at that time.


Kami (director) (corresponding to Shorokuinojo [Senior Sixth Rank, Upper Grade]) one member. Jo (secretary) (corresponding to Jushichiinoge [Junior Seventh Rank, Lower Grade]) one member. Reishi (corresponding to Daihatsuinoge [Greater Initial Rank, Lower Grade]) one member. Kanjin Zonin (lower-ranking government official) newly established. Shibu (low rank bureaucrats). Kanjin shicho (a manservant doing odd jobs). Enko.

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