Fuchu (provincial cities which consist of local governments as the core of the city) (府中)

Fuchu is another name for kokufu, an urban area established around its local government office (kokuga) in the ryoseikoku (province). However, some of Fuchu are derived from the fact that they were where those shugosho (the site for provincial administration during the Kamakura and Muromachi Period) were located.
It is the same meaning of 'Funai.'

The place-names of Fuchu, which are derived from Kokufu or shugosho exist everywhere in Japan, except Hokkaido or Okinawa.

The representative 'Fuchu' are as follows.

Fuchu, Echigo Province (Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture).

Fuchu, Hitachi Province (or Jofu for short) (the old name of Ishioka City)
Example: Hitachifuchu Domain.

Fuchu, Musashi Province (Fuchu City, Tokyo Metropolis [Tokyo Metropolis]).

Fuchu, Suruga Province (or Sunpu for short) (the old name of Shizuoka City)
Example: Fuchu-shuku station (Tokai-do Road).

Fuchu, Shinano Province (or Shinpu for short) (the old name of Matsumoto City)
Example: Shinpu toki (a book about the history, the tradition and the geological history of Matsumoto region in Shinpu) (official history of Matsumoto Domain)

Fuchu, Kai Province (Kofu City)
Kofu is derived from the fact that it was the site of the residence of shugo daimyo (daimyo originally assigned as a provincial governor), not the fact that it was where the kokufu was located. The official location of the Kai Province kokufu is presumed to have been within Fuefuki City.

Izumi Fuchu (Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture)
However, it extended to some parts of neighboring Izumiotsu City.

Fuchu, Bingo Province (Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture [Hiroshima Prefecture]).

Fuchu, Aki Province (Fuchu-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture [Hiroshima Prefecture]).

Fuchu, Suo Province (Hofu City)

Fuchu, Nagato Province (Chofu for short, a suburb of Shimomoseki City).

Fuchu, Tsushima Province (an old name of Izuhara-machi), example: Tsushima Fuchu Domain.

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