Fukego (富家語)

Fukego or Fukegodan are the quotations from FUJIWARA no Tadazane (1078 - 1162), Kanpaku (chief adviser to the Emperor), otherwise known as Fuke-dono. TAKASHINA no Nakayuki transcribed it. Fukego is sometimes classified as a setsuwa (a collection of anecdotes) because it was written in the earlier period, in the times under cloistered rule, and presented such subjects as yusoku-kojitsu (knowledge of court rules, ceremony, decorum and records of the past) and official court events to setsuwa collections of the later period.

It contains 258 brief articles from 1151 to 1161, from articles which are included in "Chugaisho," Tadazane's discourse collection, to articles after the Hogen and Heiji Disturbances. Different from "Chugaisho," it has no date entry but the discourse might have been given in Tadazane's later years when he was confined in Chisoku-in Temple at the foot of Mt. Funaoka on the charge of being implicated in the Hogen Disturbance.

It is included in the volume which is entitled "Godansho Chugaisho Fukego" of 'Nihon koten bungaku taikei' (Japanese Classic Literature Systematic Edition) (the publisher is Iwanami Shoten).

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