Fukuro Hoshi Ekotoba (袋法師絵詞)

Fukuro Hoshi Ekotoba (Picture Book of Fukuro Bonze) is a picture scroll.

The original painting had been kept in O-oku (the inner halls of Edo Castle where the wife of the Shogun and her servants reside) of the Edo Shogunate, but was destroyed by fire during the Tenpo era. Although there remain a couple of copies including the replica made by Gukei Sumiyoshi, there exist discrepancies among them in the kotobagaki (captions) and in the illustrations. Although the original author is not known, Korehisa Hidanokami, Mitsunobu Tosa, and others are possible candidates. It is said to be written during the Ashikaga Period.

It is categorized as an old-type shunga (pornographic painting) picture scroll along with Koshibagaki Zoshi (The Tale of the Brushwood Fence), and it appears to have circulated widely.

The story is that a noble but amorous nun conspired with some court ladies to put a bonze (hoshi) into a bag, carry him to the palace and commit adultery.

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