Gakoshi (Painting Office) (画工司)

Gakoshi (Painting Office) was one of the institutions belonging to Nakatsukasasho (Ministry of Central Affairs) in the Ritsuryo system (a system of centralized government based on the ritsuryo code) in Japan.

Official duties

Gakoshi was in charge of painting or coloring in Imperial court. Thus, eshi (limner) of government official system during the Ritsuryo system period and ekakibe (person dealing with paintings) of tomo no miyatsuko (Servant of the Court administering a group) belonged to Gakoshi. Later, it was restructured into Naishoryo (Bureau of Skilled Artisans) with a restructuring of government craft center. During the Heian period, edokoro (Imperial office treating about pictures) succeeded to the work.


Kami (director) (corresponding to Shorokuinojo [Senior Sixth Rank, Upper Grade]) one member. Jo (secretary) (corresponding to Jushichiinoge [Junior Seventh Rank, Lower Grade]) one member. Reishi (corresponding to Daihatsuinojo [Greater Initial Rank, Upper Grade]) one member.

Shibu (low rank bureaucrats)
Jikicho (factotum)

Eshi (corresponding to Daihatsuinojo). Ekakibe.

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