Gekan (removal from office) (解官)

Gekan means that an incumbent government official is dismissed in the ritsuryo system (a system of centralized government based on the ritsuryo code).

The reasons for gekan are as follows. Koge…Carried on as disciplinary action due to the unfavorable results in the service evaluation. The horoku (salary) in the same year is forfeited, but in a year, they could come back to work at the same official court rank.

Hanzaige…In the case that an government official who had committed a crime corresponding to penal servitude or deportation received any alternative criminal sentence, or that he received the punishment of expulsion or dismissal. After a certain period of time, he was reinvested with the official court rank demoted by several ranks as the regulations prescribed.

Irige…Dismissal due to the reasons other than koge and hanzaige.

Chishi…Due to the advanced age.

Koman (交満)…In order to replace him following the expiration of his term of office.

Haikan…At the time when kanga (government office) or the government post someone had belonged to was abolished.

Shoin…For the personnel reduction in kanga someone belonged to.

Juji (充侍)…In the case of ordering the care of someone's own parents aged or sick.

Soso (遭喪)…Mourning due to the death of a parent or relative.

Oge (悪解)…In the case of 120 days having past after struck by a disease.

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