Gissha Senji (牛車宣旨)

Gissha senji was an imperial decree that allowed one to pass the Miya mon (Imperial palace gate) while riding on a gissha (ox-drawn carriage) when visiting the Imperial inner court.

Initially, the high-ranking courtiers of Daijokan (Grand Council of State) were to transmit the content of the decree to the Danjo (censors) and Kebiishi (police and judicial chief), but later it changed to the Geki (Secretary of the Grand Council of State) preparing the senji and transmitting the content. The criteria and the actual gate that could be passed depended upon the period, but Sekkan, imperial princes, ministers, Daisojo (head priest) who already had Teguruma no senji (special permission from the Emperor to enter the imperial palace in a hand cart) were eligible and was decided upon by the person's position and the actual structure of the court gate.

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