Go (a unit of cubic volume in old Japanese system of weights and measures originated in China) ()

Go (a unit) is a unit of cubic volume in old Japanese system of weights and measures.

Go is a 10th of sho (unit of volume) and 10 times of shaku (18 milliliters). As in Japan 1 sho was determined to be approximately 1.8039 liters during Meiji period, 1 go is to be 0.18039 liters (180.39 milliliters). In China 1 sho equals to 1 liter, so 1 go is 100 milliliters.

In Japan the use of the old Japanese system of weights and measures in business transaction is forbidden, but today in some of sales of alcoholic liquor the unit of go (1 go is equivalent to 180 milliliters) is used. Also, 1 go of rice is a volume of 1 standard meal and a measuring cup is widely used to measure 1 go.

The name 'go' comes from the volume which corresponds to the two times larger than the amount of water filling up a oshikikan (yellow bell tube, a kind of flute), the standard of length during the age of the Han Dynasty, then it was named 'go' (combination). Later it was related with sho and was determined as 1 10th amount of sho. For this reason 'go' itself came to mean 'a 10th amount' and the following units of square footage (area) or rough indication in a route of the climb were given rise to. One tenth of both of them is 1 shaku.

The unit of area in the old Japanese system of weights and measures. It is a 10th of tsubo (unit of area) and approximately 0.3306 square meters.

The unit of rough indication for accession in a route of the climb. The distance from a foot of mountain to the summit is divided into 10 go, and it is not simply divided equally with the height or distance but the rough criterion is the time which it takes to climb up by walking and thus the length of 1 go is shortened in a steep place.

The Change of Weight in Rice Polishing

From 1 go (about 110 grams) of rice with husks, after polished, 0.5 go (about 78 grams) of raw brown (unpolished) rice and 0.5 go (about 32 grams) of husks are made. From 1 go (about 156 grams) of raw brown (unpolished) rice, after polished, 5 over 6 go (about 125 grams) of raw polished rice and 1 over 6 go (about 31 grams) of rice bran are made (in the case of moistening).
1 go (about 150 grams) of raw polished rice

Steamed Rice

By steaming polished rice, it largely increases in volume and weight (about 2.2 times).

From 1 go (about 150grams) of raw polished rice, after steamed, 1 go (about 330grams) of steamed rice is made.

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