Gokinaishi (Topography of Kinai region) (五畿内志)

Gokinaishi (topography of Kinai region) was a local topography of Kinai region (provinces surrounding Kyoto and Nara) compiled in the Edo period. Its formal title was "Nihon yochitsushi kinaibu" and it was composed totally of 61 volumes.

Seisho NAMIKAWA, who had been ordered to compile local topography by Tadasuke OOKA, the jisha-bugyo (magistrate of temples and shrines), conducted field research over six years, and completed it in 1734.

In the course of field research he identified many Engishikinaisha which had been the location unknown.

The published book was collected in "Dainihon chishi taikei."

Yamato koku shi (Records of Yamato Province)
Yamashiro koku shi (Records of Yamashiro Province)
Kawachi koku shi (Records of Kawachi Province)
Izumi koku shi (Records of Izumi Province)
Settsu koku shi (Records of Settsu Province)

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