Great Fire of Jisho (治承の大火)

The Great Fire of Jisho happened within the Heian-kyo on May 9, 1179. It is also called the 'Jiro shobo'.

The fire started during the night from Shichijo Higashinotoin and spread by the east wind that was blowing at that time and reached Suzaku-oji Street, burning about thirty something cho. The fire directly hit the area that was heavily populated at the time. It was the same area that was burned during the Taro shobo in the previous year and this shocked the people.

The date of this fire is mentioned as May 9 (lunar calendar) in the "Gyokuyo" (Diary of FUJIWARA no Kanezane) and June 8 (lunar calendar) in "Goseirokuki" and there is a theory that proposes the date in "Goseirokuki" as correct.

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