Ground Stone Tool (磨製石器)

Ground stone tool is a kind of stone tools in classification by fabrication method.

Normally stone tool was made of stone materials beaten and exfoliated by other stone or animal bones. Ground stone tool was made of such stone tools which had seldom asperity by being polished with other stone material. Stone tools which were not polished are called chipped stone tool.

As ground stone tool, there were stone sticks, stone plates, grating stones, ground stone hatchets and stone drills, and so on. A part of them appeared in the Paleolithic period and made often in the Neolithic period (Jomon period in Japan). As a technique of polishing, there was scrapping technique, and so on.

Also there was local ground stone tool which only the cutting parts were polished. Those were used mainly for stone hatchets.

Stone tool weapons

In Yayoi period, in northern part of Kyushu, flint arrowhead and stone sword of ground stone tools which originated in the Korean Peninsula were developed. There were two types of the stone swords of ground stone tool such as ones with stone handle and ones in iron sword style. Kinai style chipped points which imitated the stone sword of the ground stone tools in iron sword style was used as spear, sword and pike. In Southern Kanto region there were very few flint arrowheads and stone swords of both chipped stone tool and ground stone tools.

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