Gyorogusho (魚魯愚鈔)

Gyorogusho was a book on the study of ancient courtly traditions and etiquette which compiled documents relating to the appointment to official positions such as moshibumi (letter of appointment) and omagaki (a list of candidates) as well as other related records such as "Seiryoki" and "Saikyuki." The author was Daijodaijin (Grand Minister of state) Kinkata TOIN. The book consists of eight volumes and a supplementary of eight volumes "Gyoroku Betsuroku." A book with the same title written by Mototada HIRATA during the Edo period is a different one.

Records from 838 during the Heian period to 1347 during the Northern and Southern Courts period were compiled in this book. In view of the fact that Kinkata died in 1360 and his younger brother and adopted son Sanemori TOIN wrote in the book's postscript that the book was written after Kinkata's 'retirement,' it is presumed that the book was written during the period thirteen years after 1347.

The records concerning Kurodo (Chamberlain) (section one and two) were compiled in Chapter one and two of the book, those concerning Geki (Secretary of the Grand Council of State) (sections one, two, three, and four) were compiled in Chapter three to six, those concerning Geki Kurodo zuishomonjo were compiled in Chapter seven and those concerning zatsuzatsuninjin shorei were compiled in Chapter eight respectively. Precedents and the records of practical jobs were cited in the book and an explanation concerning related ceremonies were described in supplementary volumes. Existing books are basically divided into two groups, namely those considered to be close to the original (a book owned by the Cabinet Library, a book owned by the Heian Museum of Ancient History, etc.) and those with some omissions and out of order pages which are believed to be the manuscript of Sanemori TOIN (a book owned by Sonkeikaku Bunko Library).

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