Hata bugyo (flag magistrate) (旗奉行)

Hata bugyo (flag magistrate) was one of organizations in Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun). It played a role in taking charge of hatasashi-mono (battle flags) on the battlefield.

When the headquarters of army of Ieyasu TOKUGAWA was attacked by the squad of Nobushige SANADA in the Siege of Osaka, the Hata Bugyo ended in failure, which was strictly questioned by Ieyasu. An anecdote is told about this, however, that Tadataka OKUBO strongly insisted that the flag was never fallen, because he worried that if it was revealed that the failure of Hata bugyo was attributable to failure of Ieyasu who left such an important post as Hata bugyo to newcomers by neglecting senior fudaishu (hereditary daimyo), no opportunity would be left for old-age Ieyasu to clear such dishonor.

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