Hayatoshi (隼人司)

Hayatoshi (Hayato Office) was the institution that belonged to Emonfu (Headquarters of the Outer Palace Guards) and later Hyobusho (ministry of military) on the Ritsuryo system (a system of centralized government based on the ritsuryo code). Kun (Japanese reading) was Hayahito no Tsukasa.

Official duties

Hayatoshi governed management of Hayato (an ancient tribe in Kyushu) who brought tributes and was immigrated, instruction of utamai (a performance of singing and dancing) to them, or manufacturing of bamboo products such as Hayato's bamboo hats. Hayatoshi initially worked on Hayato in Kyushu, but later worked only on Hayato in and around the Kinai region. Immigrated Hayato attended the rituals and events such as Daijo-sai festival (a festival to celebrate the succession of an emperor).

After it was abolished once in 808, and it came under the jurisdiction of Hyobusho. This was originally by the tradition that Hayato served for the military of the Imperial Court.


Kami (Shorokuinoge [Senior Sixth Rank, Lower Grade]), one individual. Jo (Shohachiinojo [Senior Eighth Rank, Upper Grade]), one individual. Reishi (Daihatsuinoge [Greater Initial Rank, Lower Grade]), one individual.

Shibu (low rank bureaucrats), 10 individuals. Jikicho (factotum), one individual.

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