Hino Incident (日野事件)

Hino incident is an incident involving public safety, which took place in Hino-cho, Gamo-gun, Shiga Prefecture on October 18, 1951.

Outline of the incident

At half past eleven in the morning of October 18, 1951, some of the members of the Democratic Front for Unification of Koreans in Japan and the Homeland Defense Corps (which is a Korean resident organization in Japan) gathered in Sakuragawa-mura village (present Higashiomi City), Gamo-gun, Shiga Prefecture and tried to stage a demonstration by bicycles attached with a speaker. It was an illegal demonstration as no prior notification was made, which was required under the Public Safety Regulations of Shiga Prefecture.

The Gamo-Higashi District Police Station of the then National Rural Police Shiga Prefecture Headquarters tried to stop the demonstration in vain, and the demonstration members intruded into the town of Hino-cho.

The members then made speeches in front of Hino Post Office expressing their objections to the 'deportation of Koreans', 'Japan's becoming a military base', etc. Meanwhile, the Korean residents living in the nearby area gathered to establish a picket line and put up a barricade.

They threw stones at the police squad and attacked the police officers with a club and snatched their pistols, so the police arrested 20 people for obstructing official duties.

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