History of Japanese Navy (日本の海軍史)

The history of Japanese navy goes back to the early medieval period in which Japan interacted with countries on the Asian Continent.
Its activities reached the peak in the trade with European countries in 16th and 17th centuries
Japan's naval technologies, however, came to lag behind those of European countries because of the isolation policy taken during the Edo period. Japan's being far behind the naval technologies of the West was glaringly clear to everyone to see when Kurofune (the Black ships of Commodore Matthew Perry) came to Japan and this fact led Japan to the Meiji Restoration. As a result of having hurried the modernization and industrialization of Japan, the Imperial Japanese Navy became the third largest navy in the world in 1920.

The history of the large-scale military campaigns of the Imperial Navy began with the 1895 Sino-Japanese War and the 1905 Russo-Japanese War ended with the Imperial Navy's near perfect victory; however, in the Great East Asian War (the Pacific War) the fighting power of the fleets of the Imperial Navy was almost completely annihilated by the United States Navy and the Imperial Navy was officially dissolved at the end of the war. Japan's current navy falls under the umbrella of the Japan Self-Defense Forces as the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. In terms of budget, it is one of the top navies in the world; however, it is denied of many offensive roles.

Ancient times
Battle of Hakusukinoe

Medieval times
Piracy by Silla
-It lasted from the 8th century to the 11th century intermittently.

Toi invasion
-in 1019

Mongol invasion attempts against Japan
-Bunei War in 1274, Koan War in 1281

The foreign invasion in the Oei Era

The Bunroku-Keicho War
-the dispatch of troops to Korea by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI
The Bunroku Coampaign in1592, the Keicho Campaign in 1597

The history of Okinawa Prefecture
-Invasion by Satsuma in 1609

After the Meiji period
The Taiwan expedition
Sino-Japanese War
Naval battle off the coast of Toyo-shima Island
KokaI Kaisen (the Naval battle at the mouth of the Yalu River [Sino-Japanese War])
Russo-Japanese War
Naval battle off the coast of Jinsen
The Naval Battle at the mouth of Yalu River (Russo-Japanese War)
Naval battle off the coast of Urusan
Naval battle of Japan sea in 1905
The Greater East Asian War
Attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941
Naval battle off the coast of Malay Peninsula
Naval battle off the coast of Ceylon island
Naval Battle of the Coral Sea
Naval battle of Midway Island
Naval battle of Solomon Island
-The Battle of Jugorigahara
Naval battle of the Philippine Sea
Naval battle off the coast of Peleliu Island
Naval battle off the coast of Leyte Island

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