Honcho Seiki (本朝世紀)

Honcho Seiki refers to the history book compiled during the late Heian period.

It was compiled by FUJIWARA no Shinzei as a history book that continued the legacy of Rikkokushi (the Six National Histories), upon the imperial order by the Retired Emperor Toba (1103-1156, reigned as an emperor: 1107-1123). It was compiled between 1150 and 1159. It is also referred to as "Shikanki" and "Gekinikki." The series consists of 20 volumes in total.

The book continues on "Nihon Sandai Jitsuroku" (Veritable Records of Three Reigns of Japan), and it covers from the time of Emperor Uda (from 877) to the time of Emperor Konoe (reigned: 1141-1155). In the book, the original texts of the diaries and family trees of notable families were compiled following the chronological order. Since Shinzei died during the Heiji War in 1159, the book was left unfinished, and moreover, a large part of it was scattered and lost. The existing documents belong to a part that records the years between 935 and 1153, and are considered important historical documents of the period.

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