Ichiza (一座)

Ichiza was the term for the highest seat among court positions at the Imperial Court. Normally, the top Daijokan (Grand Council of State) minister, the Dajodaijin (Grand Minister), sat in the Ichiza, and if he was absent, the Sadaijin (minister of the left) sat there. When there was a Sessho (regent) or Kanpaku (chief adviser), they were seated at the Ichiza. However, if there was a minister who was positioned higher than Sessho or Kanpaku, or if they did not currently hold a ministerial post (such as a previous minister), there was a rule that a Senji (imperial decree) was to be declared to allow the Sessho or Kanpaku to be seated at the Ichiza. This was called "Ichiza senji".

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