Ikenfuji Sankajo (意見封事三箇条)

Ikenfuji Sankajo was fuji (written opinion presented to the Emperor) submitted to the Emperor Murakami on January 24, 958 by Jugoi no jo (Junior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade) Ushoben (Minor controller of the Right) SUGAWARA no Fumitoki.

It was submitted in response to the Emperor's rinji (order) to submit ikenfuji issued on August 30, 957.

It consisted of the following three clauses and developed arguments citing Chinese historical events.
請禁奢侈事' (prohibition of extravagance)
請停売官事' (prohibition of selling government posts)
請不廃失鴻臚館懐遠人励文士事' (restoration of Korokan from the viewpoint of the restoration of diplomacy and the promotion of literature)

It was compiled in "Honcho monzui" (Anthology of waka poems and prose) and "Gunsho ruiju"(Collection of historical documents).

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