Ikezuki (the fine horse given by MINAMOTO no Yoritomo) (生食)

Ikezuki (生食) was the name of fine horses which did remarkable work in the end of Heian period. Other Kanji characters for Ikezuki are 池月 and 生唼.


From olden times, military horses were produced in the tablelands around Funabashi City, Kamagaya City, Matsudo City, Kashiwa City and Shirai City which were suitable for grazing horses.

At the end of Heian period, a kind of horse was produced in the present Kashiwa City which was so fine that it was believed to be a messenger of Hachiman (God of War), and it was called 'Ikezuki' and worshipped.

Afterword, Ikezuki was presented to MINAMOTO no Yoritomo. Ikezuki was given to Takatsuna SASAKI, who was honored to be in the vanguard in the Battle of Uji-gawa River. There are Shinto shrines originating in Ikezuki in the regions of Shirai City, Kashiwa City and so on at the present time.

Ikezuki (生食) derives from fierceness of eating living creatures and Ikezuki (池月) from the moon reflected on a pond. In view of the above, the difference of letters comes from the difference of positions.

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