Ikuno Prefecture (生野県)

Ikuno Prefecture was a prefecture that was established in 1869. It was abolished because of the unification of prefectures in 1871.

In 1868, places dominated by Kumihama or Ikuno magistrate's office in the five provinces of Tango, Tanba, Tajima, Harima and Mimasaka, and the Hatamoto domain in Tajima and Tanba were already consolidated into Kumihama Prefecture, but as separatist movements grew in places dominated by Ikuno magistrate's office, Tajima (except a part of it), Harima, and Mimasaka areas were separated and consolidated into Ikuno Prefecture. At that time, the Hatamoto domain in Harima Province and a part of the outlands of the domain were incorporated into Ikuno Prefecture.

The prefectural government was located at the former Ikuno magistrate's office (Asago City, Hyogo Prefecture).

Under the policy of Haihan-chiken (abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures), former domains became prefectures, therefore there were a lot of overlooked lands. In order to solve the problem, a consolidation of prefectures was carried out in late 1871. The whole of Tajima, Harima and Mimasaka Province were consolidated into Toyooka Prefecture, Himeji Prefecture and Hojo Prefecture, respectively, and Ikuno Prefecture was abolished.


May 11, 1868: Fuchu Court was established to rule the area formerly dominated by Ikuno magistrate's office.

June 18, 1868: Kumihama Prefecture was established to rule the former Kumihama dominated area.

September 15, 1868: Fuchu Court was abolished and incorporated into Kumihama Prefecture (230,000 koku).

September 15, 1869: Tajima (except a part), Harima and Mimasaka were separated from Kumihama Prefecture and consolidated into Ikuno Prefecture.

December 13, 1871: Toyooka and Himeji Prefectures were established.

December 26, 1871: Hojo Prefecture was established and Ikuno Prefecture was abolished.

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