Inaba Sodo (Inaba Riot) (稲葉騒動)

The Inaba Riot was a large scale uprising of peasants which broke out in the Nishiowari region (133 villages of Inazawa, Bisai, Ichinomiya and Tsushima [today's Aichi Prefecture in Japan]) in January 1870.

It is called the 'Inaba Riot' because it started at the Inaba post station of Minoji. The riot lasted for 4 days and more than 30,000 people participated. However, it was suppressed by gunfire from Owari Domain soldiers including some from the peasant army.

The Domain side used a cannon and inflicted a large number of peasant casualties.

This is said to have ushered in the peasant revolt against the land-tax reform which is famous with the Haiku meaning 'Poke 2.5% tax cut with bamboo lances.'

Details are written in page 597 of the 'Shinshu Inazawashi-shi Honbun-hen I' (New Edition of the history of Inazawa City, Text I).

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