Innochocho (orders issued by innocho) (院庁牒)

Innochocho is an order document in a form of cho (a kind of document formats) issued by In no cho of Daijo Tenno (the Retired Emperor) to officials and Sogo (Office of Monastic Affairs) that were not under its jurisdiction.

It was used mainly for giving instructions to official agencies in connection with the estates of retired emperors. It was not much different from innocho kudashibumi, which was issued by In no cho to specific individuals, except that Inshi (official of the In no cho, or Retired Emperor's Office) equal to or below the rank of Betto (superintendent) set their signature and that it took a form of cho in accordance with Kushiki-ryo (law on state documentary forms in the Yoro Code) or Ritsuryo law. Later it was replaced by innocho kudashibumi, and disappeared after the Kamakura period.

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