Ishi-gassen (a stone-throwing fight) (石合戦)

Ishi-gassen is a stone-throwing fight, in which people are divided into two groups and throw stones at each other, imitating a battle in the Sengoku period. Ishi-gassen is held as an event on May 5. Ishi-gassen is also called Inji (stone-throwing technique or stone-throwing event).

In the past, adults did ishi-gassen and it resulted in a number of dead and injured one after another. In addition, in some places, the right of water or a land dispute was resolved by ishi-gassen.

As an anecdote, one theory holds that Nobunaga ODA also liked ishi-gassen in his childhood and often gathered children in the neighborhood to do ishi-gassen. It is also said that ishi-gassen was most suitable as a mimic battle.

Moreover, Ieyasu TOKUGAWA went to see ishi-gassen fought by boys and correctly predicted that the smaller team would defeat the larger team. This is because Ieyasu is said to have seen through the fact that boys in the smaller team cooperated with each other well since they were outnumbered.

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