Ishikiden (一色田)

Isshikiden is a rice field that is required to pay only one type (Isshiki) of tax.

For myoden, it meant rice fields that only had to pay Kanmotsu (tribute goods paid as taxes or tithes) or Kuji (public duties), but in this case, Kuji that was to be paid to the shoen (manor) owner was exempt and Isshikiden that had to pay Kanmotsu to the Kokuga were the majority (because Shoen owners did not have the authority to make exemptions for Kanmotsu).

There are various Japanese place names with 'Isshiki' derived from Isshikiden (refer to Isshiki) and the Isshiki clan known as a Shugo daimyo (Japanese territorial lord as provincial constable) originally came from a family based in Mikawa Province, Kira no sho Isshiki (present Isshiki Town, Hazu County, Aichi Prefecture).

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