Jinyamachi (town around feudal lords residence) (陣屋町)

Jinyamachi was one of the former Japanese city forms.


Jinyamachi was formed around jinya (feudal lord's residence) in the feudal domain and chigyosho (sub-fief) or daikansho (district office) in Tenryo (shogunal lands) during the Edo period. Jinyamachi developed into a town as a number of bukeyashiki (samurai mansions) stand and those engaged in commerce and industry gathered there to trade with samurai and others who were working at the jinya.

Since many of Jokamachi (towns below the castle) in the Edo period had hancho (feudal lord's office) therein, those Jokamachi can be categorized as a kind of Jinyamachi in a wide sense.

In modern Japan, there were many districts that originated from Jinyamachi and some of their names included 'Jinyamachi' 'jinya' or the like, their rows of houses and buildings were conserved and protected, and they were considered tourist destinations.

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