Jisho-guso (常照愚草)

Jisho-guso is a Yusoku kojitsu (court and samurai rules of ceremony and etiquette) written by Sadamichi ISE, the military governor of Yamashiro Province in the early Sengoku Period (the Period of Warring States) in Japan. Josho is the Buddhist name of Sadamichi given after he had become a priest.

Sadamichi was Mandokoro Shitsuji (chief of Mandokoro, the Administrative Board) of Muromachi bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) from 1490 through 1498. It is not clear when Sadamichi wrote the book; however, he wrote it in 1521 or earlier as he died at the age of 59 in that year.

The book provides a guide to manners and systems of samurai family in the Muromachi bakufu
The book also describes negotiation between the nobles and soldiers in detail because he was responsible to conduct negotiations with the Imperial Court as Mandokoro Shitsuji as well as the military governor of Yamashiro Province.

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