Jodai (上代)

Jodai is one of the periodizations in the history of Japan. Generally it refers to the period during which literature remains, namely, from the Asuka period to the Nara period, sometimes to the pre-Nara period.

It is a term chiefly used in Japanese language studies and in the history of Japanese literature.

In Shinto religion, 上代 (jodai) refers to the period until Emperor Kanmu when gods (Shinto) existed in the world, 上代 (kamishiro) to 神代 (kamishiro) meaning places where gods exist in the Utsushiyo (Land of the living) and 上代 (kamiyo) to 神世 (kamiyo) meaning the whole world including Utsushiyo and Tokoyo (Land of the dead).

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