Jogo (成功 (任官))

Jogo was a system by which those aspiring to a government post would either pay directly to gain an appointment, or pay for expenses that would otherwise have had to be paid from the coffers of the Imperial Court, such as those incurred in carrying out public functions or events for the Imperial Court, building or repairing the palace, or repairing the buildings and pagodas of shrines and temples.

The statute at the time required that those without a government post must serve in the Sani no ryo (a department for those who held ranks but were not assigned government posts) while requiring those with an order of merit to serve in the military. However, once the capacities for the department and the military were determined, those beyond the capacity were gradually allowed to replace labor with money. This was called Zokurosen. This system is believed to have continued until the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan).

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