Kaginawa (鉤縄)

Kaginawa is a tool that is believed to have been used by ninja.

Kaginawa is a tool which is a grappling iron hook affixed to the tip of a rope and it is used when climbing a cliff without a toehold or crossing a valley without a bridge. In terms of weapon, there exists an anchor-shaped weapon similar to kaginawa. Similar shape as kaginawa may be mostly found in torimono dogu (tools of arrest) (such as ryuta, manriki-gusari) (manriki-gusari is a traditional Japanese chain weapon with two steel-weights on the ends designed to strike, ensnare or trap an opponent) and peasants' weapons (such as kusarigama) (kusarigama is a traditional Japanese weapon that consists of kama (the Japanese equivalent of a sickle) on a metal chain with a heavy iron weight at the end). Kaginawa is counted as one of the seven tools for ninja.

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