Kamakurafu (鎌倉府)

The Kamakurafu was a government office which the Muromachi bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) established in the Northern and Southern courts period and the Muromachi period for the purpose of ruling the Kanto region.

Its origin was the Kamakura shogunfu headed by Imperial Prince Nariyoshi, a prince of Emperor Godaigo, which Emperor Godaigo established, as a part of the Kenmu Restoration, for the purpose of ruling the Kanto region. Tadayoshi ASHIKAGA seized real power instead of a very young prince, and it later became the local office of the Muromachi bakufu in the Kanto region. When the Kanno Disturbance occurred, Takauji ASHIKAGA dispatched his son Motouji ASHIKAGA to Kamakura. Since then, Motouji's descendants inherited the top post of the Kamakurafu (Kamakura kubo) and the Uesugi clan supported Kamakura kubo as Kanto kanrei (a shogunal deputy for Kanto region) for generations.

Its original jurisdiction included the Kanto region, Izu Province and Kai Province, and Mutsu Province and Dewa province were added in 1392. The Kamakura kubo Ashikaga clan and the Kanto kanrei Uesugi clan became at odds, and the Eikyo War occurred in 1439, where the Kanto kanrei sided with shogun Yoshinori ASHIKAGA. As the fourth Kamakura kubo, Mochiuji ASHIKAGA was defeated and killed in this war, and the top of the Kamakurafu became vacant for a while.

Although Shigeuji ASHIKAGA, a bereaved son of Mochiuji, became Kamakura kubo, he was forced by the Uesugi clan and the Imagawa clan to move to Koga palace (Koga kubo) after he caused the Kyotoku War. As Masatomo ASHIKAGA (Yoshinori's son), who was appointed in place of Shigeuji, was based at Horikoshi palace (Horikoshi kubo) in Izu Province due to a feud with the Uesugi clan, the Kamakurafu ceased to exist in effect.

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