Kamigata (上方)

Kamigata is a name used in the Edo period referring to Kinai including Osaka and Kyoto. In a broad sense, it is also used to refer to the Kinki area including Kinai.

The city where the emperor lived was called 'kami' and the Edo government defined Kinai, west of the Mikawa Province (the Yamato, Yamashiro, Settsu, Kawachi and Izumi Provinces) and Sanshu (the Omi, Tanba and Harima Provinces) as 'Kamigatasuji.'

Edo was the political center while Kamigata was the ancient cultural center or culturally developed area.

The culture in the area called Kamigata was called Kamigata culture such as Kamigata dancing, Kamigata rakugo, Kamigata Ukiyo-e, Kamigata language.

Since the middle of the Tokugawa period, refined and advanced Kamigata culture spread gradually east and culture specific to Edo flowered in the Kasei era

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