Kanpyo gyoki (寛平御記)

Kanpyo gyoki is the Emperor Uda's diary. It is also called "Uda tenno gyoki." It is the first existing diary of the Emperor and it was called 'the three major gyoki' together with "Daigo tenno gyoki" (the Emperor Daigo's diary) and "Murakami tenno gyoki" (the Emperor Murakami's diary).

It is described as a must-read for Sekkan (regents and advisers) and Kurodo (Chamberlain) to learn the Emperor's manners and the way of working as a political advisor and educating young emperors in "Kanjuhisho" (accounts on the hints on Kurodo, written by FUJIWARA no Toshinori).
And in "Okanoya Kanpaku-ki" diary, Kanetsune KONOE described it as follows:
Everything is described so clearly that the past events seem to be right in front of our eyes. This gyoki includes the interests of subjects, the secrets of politics and the pleasure of poetry (Entry dated on leap month April 9, 1246).

Although the fact that the diary of October 14, 1313 of "Hanazono Tenno Shinki" (The Records of Emperor Hanazono) described 'Today, I finished reading the 10th volume of Kanpyo gyoki' shows that Kanpyo gyoki existed in 10 volumes, no books exist now.

Also, the existence of more than 50 diaries in 10 years from September 21, 887 when the Emperor Uda to August 8, 897 were confirmed in itsubun (a composition previously existing but no longer remains) such as "Saikyuki" (record of court practices and usage, written by MINAMOTO no Takaaki) and "Fuso Ryakki (A Brief History of Japan)."

It described a part of the Emperor's daily life and feelings such as political things like how the Ako Controversy, a demonstration of FUJIWARA no Mototsune happened, a black cat which was given by his father, the Emperor Koko and so on.

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