Kanpyo no goyuikai (寛平御遺誡)

Kanpyo no goyuikai was the note that Emperor Uda left for the 13-year-old new emperor when he abdicated the throne in favor of Emperor Daigo on August 8, 897. "Honchoshojaku mokuroku" (the oldest list of Japanese books in existence written during the Kamakura period) states that the note was in one volume, but the original doesn't exist. However, after the mid Heian period, it was quoted in many books and a manuscript collection of the major itsubun (a composition that previously existed, but doesn't exist now) was put together before the Kamakura period at the latest (the manuscript is owned by the National Museum of Japanese History). It is considered that piecing together the manuscript and the itsubun recorded in other books virtually discloses the full details. The current books including "Gunsho ruiju" (Zatsubu) (Collection of historical documents compiled by Hokiichi HANAWA) (Miscellaneous Section) are largely dependent of the manuscript and the itsubun of the Kamakura period.

Kanpyo no goyuikai contains the instruction on the protocols of government affairs at the Imperial Court such as the conferment of court rank and appointment to an office, the emperor's daily activities, learning and other issues, which are essential to the study of the annual events at the Court. It is also indispensable for the study of political history of those times because the details of the abdication of Emperor Uda and the assessment of the people in the Imperial Court (FUJIWARA no Tokihira, SUGAWARA no Michizane, TAIRA no Suenaga, KI no Haseo and others) are included.

Particularly, FUJIWARA no Tokihira was described as 'young, but familiar with political theory, therefore suitable for an advisor whose guidance should be followed,' and SUGAWARA no Michizane as 'a great Confusion scholar with a deep knowledge of politics that should be confided in as the "meritorious retainer for the new emperor,"' and it is recorded that Emperor Uda consulted only Michizane to decide on the investiture of the Crown Prince and the abdication of throne. TAIRA no Suenaga and KI no Haseo were predicted to be great talents and Kanpyo no goyuikai requested that they should be given important posts (TAIRA no Suenaga, however, died suddenly of an illness just 19 days after it was issued).

The fact that Emperor Uda did not involve anybody but SUGAWARA no Michizane in deciding the next emperor, in one sense, intensified wariness and backlash against Michizane within the society of emperor and the nobles, and it was allegedly one of the causes of the incident in the later years (the Shotai Incident) in which SUGAWARA no Michizane was demoted and transferred to Dazai gon no sochi (provincial governor-general of the Dazai-fu [local government office in Kyushu region]).

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