Kanshoku Hisho (官職秘抄)

The Kanshoku Hisho was a reference book concerning the yusoku kojitsu (court and samurai rules of ceremony and etiquette) written by TAIRA no Motochika in 1200 in the early Kamakura period. The book is comprised of two volumes.

Motochika, Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) and Minister of the Hyobu-sho (Ministry of Military Affairs), is said to have written the book after being asked questions by the chief priest of the Ninna-ji Temple, Cloistered Imperial Prince Shukaku,
The book mainly discusses the titles of the government posts and their transitions as well as family social standing and experience required in order to be allowed to assume these posts. It describes in detail the Insei period (the period of the Retired Emperor's rule), in particular.

The Kanshoku Hisho is the oldest reference book on government posts in existence. Additionally, Motochika's position to prioritize the family's social standing rather than talent for the appointment of the government posts coincided with Chikafusa KITABATAKE's series of books in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts; some believe that Chikafusa had been influenced by the Kanshoku Hisho.

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