Kanzaki no Sho (Kanzaki Manor) (神崎荘)

Kanzaki no Sho (Kanzaki Manor) was a manor located in Hizen Province from the Heian period to the Muromachi period. There are two possible characters that can be used to write the "zaki" part of the name ('埼' or '崎,' therefore 'Kanzaki no Sho' can be written '神埼荘' or '神崎荘'). It was the territory of the Imperial Family.


Kanzaki District, Hizen Province. Modern-day Kanzaki City, Saga Prefecture.


3000-cho (approximately 29,751,000 square meters) as of 1291.


Kanzaki Manor originated from a 690-cho (approximately 75,272 square meters) area that became a chokushiden (imperial territory) in the year 836 before becoming a manor in 1015 and going on to be inherited by successive emperors and retired emperors.

Feudal Lord

Imperial Family (Emperor Goshirakawa > Emperor Gotoba, etc.) > Miura clan (Yasumura MIURA) > Imperial Family (Emperor Gosaga, etc.)


Kanzaki Manor was divided up to provide land plots which were granted as rewards during the Mongol invasion attempts against Japan, and by the Northern and Southern Courts period had lost all status as a manor - existing in name only.


Kanzaki Manor was a center of trade between Japan and Song Dynasty China during the Heian period.

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