Kazuraki no Kuni no Miyatsuko (葛城国造)

Kazuraki no Kuni no Miyatsuko (also called 'Kazuraki Kokuzo', 'Katsuragi no Kuni no Miyatsuko', or 'Katsuragi Kokuzo') was a Kuni no Miyatsuko (the head of a local government) who ruled over the southern-west of Yamato Province. Also written as "葛木国造".


It is said that he was the fifth-generation grandson of Takami musubi no Mikoto or the fourth-generation grandson of Amekamitachi no Mikoto. He became Kazuraki no Kuni no Miyatsuko for the first time in 658 B.C. He is regarded as one of the oldest Kuni no Miyatsuko along with Shiinetsuhiko, the first Yamato no Kuni no Miyatsuko.


The clan was Kazuraki. His surname was Atai. In 683, he was promoted to the rank of Muraji and was promoted to the rank of Imiki in 685. The Kazuraki clan, who prospered in the fifth century, descended from Takeuchi no Sukune with the surname of Omi and with a different lineage, but they were integrated into the same lineage by marriage.

Home Base

Kazuraki clan was located in Katsuragi Region of Yamato Province. It was in both Katsujo County and Katsuge County. The current location is in Gose City and Gojo City areas, Nara Prefecture.

Ujigami (a guardian god or spirit of a particular place in the Shinto religion)

It was unknown. In the same region, there were several Grand shrines and Myojin-taisha shrines in the Engi System such as Katsuragi Miagata-Jinja Shrine and Katsuragi Hitokotonushi-Jinja Shrine.


Kazuraki no Aratahiko: He was a legendary person in the Kofun period. He was the Kuni no Miyatsuko. His daughter, Katsurahime, married Sotsuhiko of the Shinbetsu Kazuraki clan.

Kazuraki no Iwamura: He was a person in the Kofun period. His daughter, Hiroko, became a concubine to Emperor Yomei.

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