Kimitezuri (君手摩)

Kimitezuri is commonly regarded as a guardian god of the Ryukyu Kingdom that rules the sea and the sun. It is said that the god descends when Ryukyu Kingdom is in a fateful crisis. Kimitezuri is believed to live in Niraikanai paradise (located deep in the sea, beyond the sea, or underground), and to take possession of the Kikoe Okimi (chief-priestesses) during the enthronement ceremony of a new king.

The first historical record referring to Kimitezuri as the name of a god is Chuzanseikan (literally, Mirror of the Ages of Chuzan) compiled by Joken SHO (Choshu HANEJI).

However, since 'kimi' generally means female priest (Noro) who administers religious rites in Ryukyu, and 'tezuri' means rubbing one's hands at the time of prayer, Kimitezuri is interpreted as a name of a religious ceremony, not as the name of a god in a different theory.

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