Kingyokushochusho (The book of treasure in the hand) (金玉掌中抄)

Kingyokushochusho is a law book written by NAKAHARA no Norizumi (Norizumi NAKAHARA) in the end of the Kamakura Period.

Norizumi is known to have served under Sanekane SAIONJI as the keishi (household superintendent), later been promoted to the Myobo hakase (teacher of the law in the Ritsuryo System) and the Syuri gon no daibu (provisional master in the Office of Palace Repairs) and given a lecture to Emperor Hanazono on the Ritsuryo codes.

In this book, he explains 72 cases, mostly the criminal law, quoting from the text of the Ritsuryokyakushiki (laws of codes and ethics [conduct]) and the theories of his hereditary learning. It enables you to understand the level of Myobodo (study of codes) and Kugeho (laws issued by imperial court) at that time, and it includes quotation from scattered and lost text sentences of the Ritsuryo codes, so it is considered an important material for the restoration of the codes.

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