Kokumin Domeikai (Peoples Alliance Society) (国民同盟会)

Kokumin Domeikai is the political society organized in the Meiji period, in September, 1900. Led by Chairman Atsumaro KONOE and his group, 'Toa-dobunkai (an association of Pan-Asianism)', members of the House of Peers, members of the House of Representatives belonging to right-wing parties such as Kenseihonto or Teikokuto having a strong foreign policy, rightist like Mitsuru TOYAMA joined forces to found the society.

The society pressed the government to take forceful measures sensing a danger from Russia which expanded into Manchuria after the Boxer Rebellion. The society, however, dissolved in April, 1902, after successful negotiations led to the return of Manchuria to China and the Anglo-Japanese Alliance was formed, which calmed down the sense of danger among the public. Later, however, Russia failed to withdraw from Manchuria and KONOE and his group formed a new organization called 'Tairodoshikai (Comrades against Russia)'.

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