Komatsubara Honan (Komatsubara Persecution) (小松原法難)

Komatsubara Honan is an incident that Nichiren was assaulted and injured in Komatsubara (present-day Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture).

Kagenobu TOJO who was a believer of nenbutsu (Buddhist invocation) and had held grudge against Nichiren assaulted him, his disciple Nichigyo KYONINBO and a believer Yoshitaka KUDO were killed and Nichiren was also badly injured, slashed in the forehead, left hand broken. After slashing, Kagenobu TOJO himself fell from a horse and ran away, thus Nichiren managed to survive.

Brief Personal History

In 1263, Nichiren who had been in exile in Izu was pardoned.

In 1264, he returned to his hometown to see his mother. They reunited.

After that, he was assaulted in Komatsubara.

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