Konwa-kai (懇話会)

Konwa-kai refers to a faction within the Diet of the House of Peers under the Constitution of the Empire of Japan. It was commonly termed Kinkenshobu-ren. Later, it was renamed Getsuyo-kai on March 18, 1891 as well as Koushi-kai on March 3, 1900 and continued until December 7, 1901.

It's not known exactly when the faction was formed; however, Tateki TANI, Sukenori SOGA, Koyata TORIO, Hiroshi YAMAKAWA and Tadanari SHIMAZU formed it shortly after setting up Imperial Diet in November 1890. The following year it was renamed 'Getsuyo-kai' and with 50 members it became one of the initial assembly's leading factions like Kenkyu-kai (House of Lords) or Sanyo-kai.

In this faction, there were many members with right wing who had strong nationalism including the 'four Shogun group' such as TANI, SOGA and TORIO (but Goro MIURA belonged to the Sanyo-kai) who had been removed as army right wing and they felt hostile toward the Hanbatsu Government, especially Hirobumi ITO as a person who led to national disruption, and also there were some members who were dissatisfied with the Kenkyu-kai policy that was shifted into that of the faction with Aritomo YAMAGATA. On the other hand, it was different from other factions that supported the nonparty principle, and with less hostility toward parties for the Freedom and People's Rights Movement, it favorably maintained neutrality toward the first Okuma Cabinet.

In 1899, it had a maximum of 68 members, but the following year some members left from the faction due to internal conflicts, so 40 members in the mainstream faction called themselves a 'Koushi-kai.'
However, the Koushi-kai fell into a decline due to the rise of the Kenkyu-kai, so in 1901 it tied up with the Asahi Club which was a subsequent faction of the Sanyo-kai and then formed a new faction, the Doyo-kai.

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