Koshibagaki Zoshi (小柴垣草紙)

Koshibagaki Zoshi (The Tale of the Brushwood Fence) is a picture scroll. Koshibagaki Zoshi, usually written as 小柴垣草紙 in kanji, can also be written as 小柴垣草子.

Koshibagaki Zoshi are drawings of a secret affair based on a story of "Jikkinsho" (Miscellany of Ten Maxims), which says that during the reign of Emperor Kazan in Kanna era, a rumor went around about adultery between Princess Nariko, the vestal virgin princess, and Taira no Munemitsu, a warrior of "Takiguchi" (a special guard unit attached to the Chamberlain's Office), which led to the cancellation of Princess Nariko's service at the Ise Shrine. The picture scroll is also regarded as a "shunga" (pornographic painting).

Because quite a few copies of the "Koshibagaki Zoshi" were transcribed by hand, various versions of the picture scrolls exist. Some versions had drawings drawn by Fujiwara no Nobuzane and text written by Fujiwara no Tameie, while some had drawings drawn by Keion Sumiyoshi and text written by Michitomo Koga, while others had drawings drawn by Bungo-hokkyo or Mitsunori Tosa. It is said that the original picture scroll was made at the end of Kamakura period or towards the end of the period of the Northern and Southern Courts.

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