Kozai Kikai Zushiki (Scheme of devices for judicial hanging) (絞罪器械図式)

Kozai Kikai Zushiki, the edict of Dajokan (Grand Council of State) No.65 of 1873, is an act which stipulates the scheme of devices to be used for judicial hanging in Japan. In spite of having been established before the Constitution of the Empire of Japan, let alone before the Constitution of Japan, this act is determined by the Supreme Court of Japan to retain the same effect as laws and ordinances today.

Today there remain no materials that tell what was referenced to prepare the Scheme, but the structure of the devices shown in the Scheme resembles that of gallows which were used in England in those days.

The shape of metal fittings, the length of the rope and the way the floor opens are similar to those devised by William Marwood, who served as executioner in England in those days, so it is possible that his method was used as a guide for preparing the Scheme.

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